CAFETIERE presskruus 350ml kaanega punane, Zyliss


Zyliss Zyliss – happy cooking A great range of kitchen tools and gadgets designed to delight any cook who loves preparing and serving good food for family and friends. We believe that all of our Zyliss products should not only work simply and efficiently but should also be a pleasure to use.Zyliss – happy cooking.   It was in Switzerland in 1948 that founder Karl Zysset launched the first Zyliss product in the form of a Garlic Press, a product that has since seen remarkable success worldwide. Today, Zyliss boasts an appealing and distinctive portfolio of thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed kitchen tools, with numerous products achieving the coveted Red Dot Award status. Inspiration for new products is derived from not only understanding what our customers want, but from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends. Today, through a commitment to developing ingenious, reliable and durable products, Zyliss is not just about producing products that are highly functional, it is about continuously delighting all who use them.        

CAFETIERE presskruus 350ml kaanega punane, Zyliss

Kaubakood: GB02E990002
Kaubamärk: Zyliss
Värv: Punane
Maht: 380ml
Materjal: Plastmass
Vorm: Kaanega

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